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At Sound Particles, we believe education to be the foundation for a greater world. If you are a student, teacher, lecturer or a school, you have FREE granted access to the latest version of Sound Particles. You may use this version for non-commercial purposes only.

Download the application using the links below. After the installation, open the software, select the "Academic" option on the Welcome Screen and submit your details plus your university email address. The first time a domain is registred, the approval message might take 1-3 business days to be sent. From that moment on, any email address registered with that same domain will be automatically approved.
If you prefer, send us an email to [email protected] requesting your domain to be added, which will facilitate the approval of an entire class or department.

Once approved, you just need to open Sound Particles and, if you were already logged-in, it should start right away. If not, just log-in through the Welcome Screen, and the program will automatically run through your academic license.

Download Sound Particles v.2.1.4 for Education