Nuno Fonseca


Nuno loves Cinema and everything regarding Sound, Image and Technology. He is a Portuguese college professor, with a PhD on computer audio, and the creator of "Sound Particles" software (concept, code, design, etc.).

After noticing that the most interesting VFX shots used particle systems, a CGI technique created originally by LucasFilms for a StarTrek movie (yes, not Star Wars), he decided to create a particle system software but for audio applications.

  • Also known for the creation of the text-to-sing solution WordBuilder™ ("EASTWEST/QL Symphonic Choirs"), used by composers around the world.
  • Member of AES Technical Committee on "Sound for Digital Cinema and TV", SMPTE, etc.
  • Author of 2 books and more than 20 papers on audio fields.

Nuno Fonseca - Sound Particles