What is Sound Particles?

What is Sound Particles?

Sound Particles is something completely different from any other audio software that exists today. It’s like a CGI software (e.g. Maya or Blender), but for sound, capable of reproducing thousands of sound sources spread over a 3D space.

Imagine a virtual 3D world, void. Now, imagine that you add sound sources (particles) that reproduce sound (each point on the image is a sound source). Finally, add one or more microphones to be able to capture the overall sound of that world.

But Sound Particles even has a very special feature – particle systems – a technique that is widely used on computer graphics to recreate fuzzy/shapeless objects like fire, rain, smoke, dust. Instead of animating individual objects, CGI professionals use particle systems, a software component that creates and manages thousands of objects.

For instance, create 1000 particles (sound sources), spread over a sphere with 50 meters, with random movements, reproducing some audio files that you have chosen from your sound library, and capture everything with a virtual 5.1 microphone.

Can you feel your creativity sparkling?
Welcome to the world of Sound Particles