Sound Particles U

Sound Particles U is the education version of Sound Particles, which includes ALL the features of the commercial version, at NO COST for schools, teachers and students, as long the software is not used in commercial projects.

To use Sound Particles U, you need to download the software and request a license key.

* Send an email to, using an email account from your school domain, mentioning:

  • your name
  • school name
  • user type (teacher/student/school staff)

Within 2 business days, you will receive a license key that will give you 1-year access to Sound Particles U.

Using a school email account is the easiest way for us to confirm your eligibility regarding Sound Particles U. Nevertheless, if you don’t have such email account, send an email to, explaining your situation, and presenting some proof of your education status.

Yes – schools, universities, training centers, etc.